Wendell Moore Youth/Women/Master Invitational

Check out this event run by our friends at the Wendell Moore Disc Golf Club. Signups can be found at Disc Golf Scene

The Wendell Moore Youth/Women/Master Invitational is a 36-hole C-Tier PDGA sanctioned disc golf tournament. We will play two rounds of 18-holes at Wendell Moore Disc Golf Course. There will be a one hour lunch break between the two rounds.

This event is sponsored by Bang-A-Chain (https://bangachain.com/)

An Email will be sent 24 hours prior to the event. This will serve as a virtual players meeting with rules, OB, Mandos, Covid-19 guidelines, etc.

Check in between 7:45-8:45am

Round 1 starts at 9:00

There is a one-hour lunch break after the last card comes in.

Round 2 starts after the lunch break.

As the title indicates, only Youth, Women, and Masters Am divisions will be available. Initially only 36 masters registrations will be allowed, reserving 36 spots for the youth / women registrations. If we do not get 36 youth and women registrations, additional masters spots will open up a week or two before the tournament and master players on the waitlist will get in.

Must have three players to make an adult division, if there is not enough registrants for an adult division, registrants will be asked to move to another eligible division.

There can be any amount of players in a youth division.

COURSE TEES: All players will play the short tees.

The winner of each masters division with 5 or more players or women or youth division with 3 or more players will receive a trophy (or a trophy equivalent). If there is a tie for first, their will be a sudden death playoff starting on hole 1.

There will be a standard amateur payout for this tournament, using the standard PDGA 45% payout tables. The payout will be handled by bang-a-chain, who will have product available after the second round and/or available as an online credit.

There will be a custom stamped tournament disc for every registered player. The discs will be a selection of trilogy discs (DD Lucid Maverick, Westside King Burst, Westside Swan Reborn Burst, Latitude 64 Opto Fuse, Latitude 64 Opto Ballista, Westside VIP Hatchet, Westside VIP Warship), the first 50 registered players will also receive a tournament stamped mini marker disc.

There will be separate optional $5 CTPs for all Masters, all Women, and all Youth. The prize will be determined by the number of people who opt for a CTP. It may be a special or custom dyed disc, multiple discs, or a gift certificate to Bang-a-Chain.

There will be a drawing within each Youth and Women division for a Westside Discs Sling Bag, and probably a single drawing for all masters for the same bag.

PDGA Live scoring will be used for this event. Instructions for accessing and using PDGA Live will be in the players email.
Go To pdga.com/score

<PDGA Live Scoring Code will be listed later>

A second scoring will be in effect for all events. The preferred method is a 2nd PDGA live score entry. However, UDisc or a paper card is acceptable for the 2nd scoring method. Paper scorecards will be available upon request.

All Amateur payouts will be handled by Bang-a-chain, who will be on site after the 2nd round has been finalized, but will also have an online payout option available.

For the 1st round only, players may request that they be placed in the same card as family members or significant others. This is being done to help make new tournament players more comfortable with tournament play. For the 2nd round all players will be placed in cards in their divisions according to their first round scores.

There will be a registration option where you can specify your 1st round card preference

Refund policy

Wendell Moore Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.