Be a Legend Part 4 – Results

Below you will see the winners of each division.  The winners each will receive a trophy.  The ADV & JNR division had a tie in the first position.  Tie breakers were broken using the random hole order that was sent in the event information email prior to the event.  That hole order was  17 8 4 15 18 6 12 9 14 5 7 13 16 1 11 3 2 10.  This means I compared hole by hole in that order like it was a sudden death playoff until a winner was decided.

Congratulations to  CJ Cotton on hitting the balcony shot to win a free basket.

Congratulations to Alex Faulkner and Matthew Pinkston on hitting an ace.  Alex hit hole 18 and Matthew hit hole 4.  The ace pot was $170 and they will split for $85 each.The cash division is paying out the top 45%

Cash Division
1-14Matt Vassil$169.00
T2-12Alex Faulkner$110.00
T2-12Matt Shindlebower$110.00
4-10Ro Jo$85.00
5-9Phillip Harmon$76.00
T6-8Cyrus Fuhrman$66.00
T6-8Chris Evans$66.00

Top 10 Rec Division

REC Division
1-12Lincoln Bruce
2-9Bryce Jump
T3-8Mike Habersack
T3-8Jeff Styles
T3-8Jordan Manley
T6-7Austin Dobbins
T6-7Tyler tolle
T8-6Lewis Willian
T8-6Jeremy Miller
T10-5Clifton Hatton
T10-5Matt Elder

Top 10 ADV Division

* Trophy winner after tie breaker result

ADV Division
T1-12Anthony Cox*
T1-12Gordon Waldespuhl
T3-9Tracy Bottom
T3-9Ben Thornton
T5-8Lance Garner
T5-8Jim Logan
7-7Josh Stewart
T8-6Randy Blythe
T8-6Theodore Sabino
T10-5Mark Wallace
T10-5Warren Foy
T10-5Daniel Fryman
T10-5Dave Simpson
T10-5Chris Profitt
T10-5Isaiah Harney

WMN Division

WMN Division
1-5Jennifer Wheeling
T2-4Angel Tauson
T2-4Larken Laur
4-1Kristen Smith
T51Christy Smith
T51Anna Mills
72Alison Miller
84calla monroe
T95Amanda Steffen
T95Tarica Cohen
116Kate Tolle
128Lily Blythe
1318Liz caskey

JNR Division

* Trophy winner after tie breaker result

JNR Division
T114Aidan Habersack*
T114Skyler Jackson
330Caleb Carpenter

KIDS Division

KIDS (Free) Division
212AJ Wallace
T318Zachary Hanna
T318Tyson Brunell
538Autumn Tolle