Be a Legend Part 4 Course Map & OB Rules

Hole 1: Concrete is inbounds.  Asphalt is OB.  On any roof is OB.

Hole 2: Mando Right of Tree.  OB on or over road to the right or long.

Hole 3: Asphalt is inbounds.  All grass and concrete is OB.

Hole 4: On or over outfield wall is OB.

Hole 5: No OB.

Hole 6: Outfield wall long and Outfield wall left is OB.  Left side of net is OB.

Hole 7: Outside of fenced in area is OB in all directions, must land inside the bullpen.

Hole 8: Mando to right of tree.  Beyond the concrete curb on right side is OB.

Hole 9: Over any fence long is OB.

Hole 10: Double Mando between trees.  No OB.

Hole 11: First Mando must go  left of tree, second Mando must go  right of tree.  Missed mando must go to dropzone of the mando that was missed.  No OB.

Hole 12: Triple Mando, must pass through first arch of the canopy.  Missed Mando goes to dropzone.  On the baseball field left of the wall and net line is OB.

Hole 13: OB on any roof.  Please be careful of concession stand, make sure anyone waiting knows you are throwing.

Hole 14: OB to right of fence/gate.  On any roof is OB.

Hole 15: OB on any roof.

Hole 16: Island Hole.  Must land on concrete or basketball court to be in bounds.  All grass is OB.  Metal fence right and long is OB.  Wood fence is OB.  ALL OB SHOTS GO TO DROPZONE AT TOP OF STAIRCASE TO PEPSI DECK – INCLUDES ALL PUTTS FROM DROPZONE THAT ALSO GO OB.  Putts from the island that go OB play normal OB rules.

Hole 17: On any roof is OB.  Right side of net is OB.

Hole 18: Right side of net is OB.  On any roof is OB.