1st Annual March Mud Sling

Welcome to the 1ST annual March Mud Sling. This event’s main purpose is to raise money to benefit The Future Teachers of Kentucky Scholarship program. This will be a 1 round doubles event that pairs existing PDGA rated players with non-PDGA players. Players that have either never picked up a disc or ones that have only played a couple of times. This event is meant to be fun and welcoming to all skill levels.

Further details for event will be provided through our website (BDGA.org) and our Facebook page (Lexington Disc Golf Scene). Please provide all info listed. Due to the nature of the event, we will be limiting signups to the first 72. We also must split the signups into 36 PDGA players and 36 non-PDGA players.

This event will be a special doubles event that incorporates the 6/6/6 rules, which means we will play 6 holes of best shot, 6 holes of alternate shots, and 6 holes of worst shot. Teams will be assigned by the TD (Jarrett Spriggs). We will use 3 divisions (Advanced, Intermediate, Recreational), and the PDGA rating of the player will determine which division you will be placed in. 

There also will be “Side Games” available as well to help raise more money. These mulligans will only be allowed to be used by the person who purchased them.

Mulligans will be available for each player at the below cost:

1 mulligan $3

2 mulligans $5

4 mulligans $10

We will also have a CTP challenge after the round for each set of players. 2 separate holes will used for Non-rated PDGA players and PDGA rated players. 

We will also offer an Ace Pot challenge on the day of the event. 

Each of these challenges will payout half of the pot to the winner. The other half will go directly to the scholarship.

Click the link below to sign up today!
1st Annual March Mud Sling