April 2017 notes

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April 2017 notes

Postby JamesN » Fri Apr 14, 2017 7:19 am

Jeremy Miller
Sam Wheeling
Greg Rickert
James Nichols
Alison Miller
Jennifer Wheeling
James Miller
Sean Demeter
Alan Siegel

LO19 wrapup
May swap the INT pool with Adv Masters & Adv Grand, so that the age protected divisions play a shorter course.
Prodigy practice bags in player's pack was a big hit.
Need to check out player's party venues much sooner. Tates Creek center is an idea.
Player's party in-door, and scheduled ~6pm start time to give both pools time to arrive.
Need a way to show our appreciation for Joe Graviss for two years of tournament sponsorship.
For final 9, place trash bags over unused baskets.

WNDG going strong. Gave $200 of league earnings to Greg for deposit.

After next disc order and other payments; there will be ~$6k in the bank.
Approved $2200 in disc/mech order.

Trilogy Challenge is tentatively scheduled for June 17th which conflicts with Frankfort tourney. We need to move it. Maybe Sunday the 18th.

Vibram is not doing Birdie Bash this year.

About 60% of River HIll is complete. Going slow due to wet ground and heavy equipment needed.

Shillito #18 with the mando gone, we'll look at moving the long placement to the old-original 10 placement. The sleeve is likely still there and possibly in good condition. Need to find it.

Need to start doing waivers for all tournaments. Sanctioned tournaments can be done online during registration. Non-sanctioned (Glow, Charity, etc) need paper waiver.

Alison/Jeremy may ask Donut Days if they want to be the title sponsor of the Super Summer Slammer. $500.
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