Mar 2017 Notes

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Mar 2017 Notes

Postby JamesN » Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:27 pm

Jeremy Miller
Sam Wheeling
Greg Rickert
James Nichols
Alison Miller
Jennifer Wheeling
James Miller

Greg confirmed that 50 Prodigy Practice bags are order.
The first 50 registered before March 15th get a bag and shirt.
After March 15th get a shirt and disc. Late registration only gets a disc.

Players party location is TBD. Est. 100 people.

Pool A - Open, Adv
Saturday, McD > Vets
Sunday, Jacobson > final 9 Shillito
Pool B - Int below, Women, JR
Saturday, Vets > Jacobson
Sunday, Shillito, final 9 Shillito

Kinnucans donated $200 in gift cards.

Happy Glow Lucky
Need to be in the park by 6:30 before gates close.
Need to be at the shelter at dusk. Not on the course.

Trilogy Challenge will be discussed after LO.
Dynamic Disc 2-disc Challenge maybe in June.

Sunday league is good.
Should add other leagues to DG Scene to ramp up to a course series.

Workday(s) March 18-19 weekend.

Thursday Sanctioned league
June 8th - Aug 10th. 5 weeks at Jacobson, 5 weeks at Vets. $5 incl. ace pool.

Riney B redesign is in process. 1-10 will stay the same. Everett is working on it.

Donation to God's Pantry includes 242lbs of canned food and $1200.
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