WNDG (Wednesday Night Disc Golf)

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WNDG (Wednesday Night Disc Golf)

Postby JamesN » Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:27 pm

WNDG league 2017

Same format as past years.
-Handicap scoring tracked in a spreadsheet.
-Points earned to determine winner at the end of each season.

You do not have to be a PDGA member or BDGA member to play.
Heck, if today is the first time you've heard of disc golf; come on out!

Spring (Singles) Sanctioned! http://www.pdga.com/tour/event/31810
Date: March 29 – May 31 (10 matches) @ Shillito Park
Register by 5:45pm (30 min later as days get longer)
Tee off at 6:00 pm (30 min later as days get longer)
Special Bonus points: TBD
Points: https://goo.gl/wUSlW8

Summer (Fixed Doubles)
Date: June 7 – Aug 9 (10 matches) @ Veterans Park
Register by 6:15pm
Tee off at 6:30 pm
Special Bonus points: TBD
Points: https://goo.gl/tki6OG
Choose your own partner and together you develop a handicap.
Must play 6 weeks or more with your partner to qualify for prizes. When your partner is missing, you will get 1 extra throw per hole.
Best shot. http://www.pdga.com/rules/doubles.
NOTE: You can play as a single. You won't get the extra throw, but you will get a handicap and points toward prizes.

Fall (Singles)
Date: August 16 – October 18 (10 matches) @ River Hill Park
Register by 6:15pm (30 min earlier as days get shorter)
Tee off at 6:30 pm (30 min earlier as days get shorter)
Special Bonus points: TBD

18 Holes. $2 each week to play ($1 to BDGA, $1 to prize bucket).
>>Special Offer>> Pay only $15 for the entire 10-week session! ($6 to BDGA, $9 to prize bucket)

Earn 2 points for everyone you beat, 1 point for ties. 1 point for showing up!
Points are multiplied each week by a changing factor. Intended to reward regular players and provide a boost to the last few weeks.
Top 5 weeks of points are tallied for final score. So missing a few weeks won't hurt.
Disc and merchandise prizes for the top 25% of eligible players. Must play 5 weeks to be eligible.
Play will be cancel for severe weather (not light rain or soggy conditions). Notification will be via this forum thread and the Facebook.

Earn bonus points! Added to final score.
-Earn 5 point if this is your first BDGA league.
-Earn 5 points for bringing first-time guest.
-Earn 10 points (xFactor) for weekly Special Bonus. Cannot win special bonus on consecutive weeks.

Optional $1 ace pot each week. Cap at $150 payout.
Enter the ace pool 5 or more times during the league and you are eligible for a throw-off on the last night of each league for 25% of the total Ace pool! Someone will win!!
Extra carries over to next round. Pot carries over to next league.

NEW for 2017~ Optional $2 CTP each week.
100% cash payout each week. #12 & #9 at Shillito, #9 at Veterans, #9 at River HIll.

[[ Women and kids (under 12) are FREE and get points toward prizes!! ]]

-James 859-433-7404 num3boc@gmail.com
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