Jan 2017 Notes

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Jan 2017 Notes

Postby JamesN » Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:00 am

Jeremy Miller
Sam Wheeling
James Nichols
Greg Rickert
Alison Miller
Jennifer Wheeling
Alan Siegel

No news about the tee posts for Jacobson. Greg will contact Parks again.

We have enough sleeves to install 9 more alternate placements at Jacobson.

Ice Bowl
1 pool. Allow online registration to include choice of 3 Ice Bowl items.

Sunday leagues will resume on Feb 5th (after Ice Bowl) at 2pm. Sam will run and rotate courses. Start with Vets, then Jacobson.

Approval for $1000 in Trilogy stock w/club stamp.

Discussed having the Lexington Open player's party at the Break Room off Manchester Rd.

Discussed repairs to Shillito tee pads, especially #12. Due to the potential redesign with the proposed aquatic center; not much investment into Shillito is planned now. The club will certainly listen to ideas if someone wants to organize the effort.

Need to fix damaged basket at #5 Shillito. Greg can get repair at the school, if someone will remove the cage and get it to him.

River Hill Charity Bowl raised $487. Will donate $500 to the charity.

Happy Glow Lucky at River Hill planned for March 11th. Jeremy and Alison Miller will run.

Need to work on the kiosk at Vets. Need to install 2x 8 ft posts.

Start getting Lexington Open sponsors!! Contact the club officers for help.

Next meeting on Feb 2nd.
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