Dec 2016 notes

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Dec 2016 notes

Postby JamesN » Thu Dec 08, 2016 7:59 pm

In attendance
Jeremy Miller
James Miller
Sam Wheeling
Greg Rickert
James Nichols
Alan Seigel
Jennifer Wheeling
Alison Miller
Shaun Demeter

Finances are good. About $3500 in the bank.

Charity Bowl, Jan 1st.
Decided on 30holes. 1 temp hole + 9 regular, 3 times around. No breaks. We can get started a little later and should get done sooner.
Charity is Big Brother/Big Sisters. Pro $25, Ams $20. Half goes to the charity.

Approved order of 8 Innova sleeves for Jacobson.

Need to get 4x4's bought and in the ground for the new kiosk for Veteran's park.

Take out 1 tree on #6 at Jacobson. The marked on the right.

Putting league run by Bang-a-Chain at Ethereal Brewing. Wed nights at 6pm.

In Jan 2017 the Sunday league will be held at different courses. Sam will run the "'rolling" league.

Ice Bowl. 1 DX disc. Possibly allow shirt orders. TD will decide.

Park and Rec will purchase 6x6 posts for Jacobson. They want to see a mockup of the 5x11 signs.

It was suggested that the BDGA formally offer help for the DGPT at Idlewild. And help promote the event.

Jeremy will run the Happy Glow Lucky tourney in March.

WNDG will probably start on March 29th. The Veteran's sanctioned league will start up right at the end of Spring WNDG league.

Meetings will be scheduled for the 1st Thursday of the month.
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