AJ Jolly park in Campbell county

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AJ Jolly park in Campbell county

Postby Rod Angel » Tue Dec 06, 2011 9:14 am

I was asked about AJ Jolly the other day. So here is my commercial for AJ Jolly, the "other" NKY disc golf course.

Many of you have traveled north to play Idlewild, Boone and Lincoln. Few have made the journey to AJ over in Campbell county. The journey may be the courses biggest handicap. Located off US27, there are two basic ways to get to AJ. I275 to US27 is the longest, and easiest, route. Route 536 to US27 is the more direct over-the-river-and-thru-the-hills approach. Most of you (L'berg, Winchester, Mt. Sterling) would have no problem with 536, but you might want to take the long way your first time. Google puts the distance from Lincoln Ridge to AJ Jolly at just over 18 miles, but it will take you nearly 40 minutes to make the journey.

The park is open from March (or April) thru October, but the disc golf course is available year round. (The boat ramp is open year round as well.) A few parking spots sit just outside the park entrance. You are encouraged to park there as the first tee is just inside the gate. You share those parking spaces with the walkers, joggers and dogs who also use the park during the off season.

AJ Jolly plays on the "back side" of AJ Jolly park. Know that way because of (ball) golf course faces US 27. At approx 5600 feet (2010 layout), the intermediate sized course plays an open tract of land bordered by Campbell County lake on the East, South and West. Six holes (2, 3, 4, 7,8,9) bring the lake into play. The signature hole #2 plays 215 feet over the old boat dock area. The shortest hole is the 183 foot #10 while holes 1,16 and 18 all play at 475 to 485 feet. The only "carved" hole is #12 at just over 300 feet. There are three tree lined holes in numbers 11, 13 and 17. The rest may be open, but there are plenty of mature trees to deal with. Holes 5 and 15 play up hill while holes 6 and 16 play down hill.

The wind affects the scoring at AJ more than at most courses. The prevailing winds come off the lake creating head wind situations for the last few holes. You get the special delight if the winds are blowing out on to the lake. Special indeed.

The Cincinnati club hosts one of their course challenges at AJ each year. Usually in the spring to try and capture one of the special moments. The best time to play AJ is the fall as the leaves are turning. The views are excellent and the winds are somewhat calmer. The worst time for AJ is the summer. The play grounds, picnic areas, and lake fronts can be busy at times.

So. Take the day and go visit AJ Jolly. NKY's "other" disc golf course.
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Re: AJ Jolly park in Campbell county

Postby twebs333 » Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:17 pm

This years Course Challenge is on September 29, 2012. Registration deadline is 9am that morning with a 9:30 tee time. This link
http://www.cincinnatidiscgolf.com/Events/CourseChallengeSeries.aspx has all the info.
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