Spring League Begins (Thursday Nights)

Spring League Begins (Thursday Nights)

Postby Bigdaddy Lewis » Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:55 pm

Hey, all...

Looking forward to the beginning of our Ironworks Hills Spring League. We will kick off at 5:15 PM on Thursday, March 22 at IWHills in Winchester.

Everyone is free the first time - after that, we collect $2 per player per week for the payout at the end of league. Last year, we distributed $460 in discs and other prizes!

We will play 12 to 14 Thursdays, with 7-9 rounds counting per player toward league standings - that way if you miss a week you're not out of the running.....

You get points for:
1) showing up
2) the number of players you beat including handicap - (usually a different winner each night)
3) Bonus points for bringing first-time guests to league! Help us grow the game!

If you're worried about winning plastic every week, this league's not for you.
If you're wanting a fun place to play with a nicer payoff at the end - then come join us!


Send questions to lewiswillian@att.net
Bigdaddy Lewis
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Re: Spring League Begins (Thursday Nights)

Postby rtb65 » Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:04 pm

Be there when I can.First few weeks anyhow.
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