2017 River Hill Charity Bowl

Sunday January 1st, 2017
River Hill DGC, Lexington KY

The beneficiary of this year’s charity bowl is the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Lexington.

8:30AM – Registration begins
9:45AM – Players meeting
10:00AM – Tee off

Format is 30 holes (10 holes, 3 times around). No break.
This allows us the later start time.

Entries for this non-sanctioned fundraiser event (must have 3 entries to establish a division)
$25 entry for Open division
$20 entry for amateur divisions
Recreational, Intermediate, Advanced, Women, Juniors
(50% of all entries will be donated to the charity)
50 player limit.

More details on Facebook or contact Jeremy Miller (president@bdga.org).

This will be the first event of the year to claim your 2017 BDGA Bag Tag. Tag #1 will be in Play!

2016 Charity Bowl

Thanks Everyone who came out January 1st to enjoy the Charity Bowl. We raised $432.50 for Special Olympics.
Congrats to the Winners of all Divisions. The year has started and Bag Tags are now in play.

Results from today on 22 holes Par 66

Jerry Dobbins: 54
Everett Lasley: 55
Casey Hudgins: 59
Jake Rickert: 60
James Nichols: 61
Darell Motley: 61
Landon Williams: 61
Sam Wheeling: 62
Austin Dobbins: 63
Lance Garner: 64
Warren Foy: 65

Brandon McClure: 63(Won in playoff)
Josh Curtis: 63
Jarrett Springs: 67
Adam Bonfield: 70

Lewis Willian: 62
James Miller: 64
Jennifer Wheeling: 64
Dustin Hanna: 67
David Wu: 67
Tracy Crabtree: 68
Alison Miller: 69
Jeremy Miller: 69
Dave Williams: 71
Alan Siegel: 72
Anthony Poor: 75

Dillion Bonner: 65 (Won in Playoff)
Jon Reckner: 65
Phillip Harmon: 70

Officer Election (VOTE!)


Voting will be open from 12:00 Noon, November 7 through 12:00 Noon, November 21.

Ballots may be cast by personal message to the Vice-President (Greg Rickert), via the BDGA message board (http://bdga.org/forum/ - username: dadOsix), by e-mail to the Vice-President (VicePresident@bdga.org), or by hand-written ballot personally given to the Vice-President.

Must be a current BDGA member to vote.  All ballots must include your name.

President (select one)
Jeremy Miller
Landon Williams

Vice President (select one)
James Miller

Treasurer (select one)
Greg Rickert

Secretary (select one)
Alison Miller
James Nichols

At Large (select four)
Warren Foy
Alison Miller
James Miller
Jeremy Miller
James Nichols
Jarrett Spriggs
Jennifer Wheeling
Sam Wheeling
Landon Williams

Trimming and Cutting at Jacobson Park

Please do not cut brush or trees, dig ditches or other such work at Jacobson Park without checking with the BDGA board members. There has been some clearing on holes 2 and 6 and ditches that have been dug that should not have occurred.

If you have time to do work at Jacobson, there is much that can be done to clean up stick and debris, including trash, around the course, particularly in the areas of holes 7, 8, 9, 13 and 17.

We are working on a list of items that need to be done and prioritizing the list so that we can get the more important items completed and the course in the best condition possible in time for the Lexington Open. If you have items that you would like to add to the list, you can comment in the BDGA forums or on Facebook.